Company Overview

Convergence Systems Ltd is a social enterprise that maximizes impacts on individuals, organizations, society and the environment through its pioneering technologies in Distributed Ledger Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Web Applications. We deploy innovative and technological solutions that are ready for the challenges that organizations and humanity face both today and in the future while leveraging the organization’s current resources. We are committed to providing solutions with the highest level of integrity, excellence, consistent reliability, efficiency and effective performance of our products and services. Convergence helps organizations accelerate the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change adaptation and mitigation.

WEB Applications

Who we are

Convergence is an LMS, Web Applications and Blockchain development company, providing full-spectrum, 360-degree solutions to individuals and organizations of all sizes and verticals.

To Know Us


We aspire to be among the front-runners in building applications that enhance sustainability in Africa.


To build transformative capacity of both organizations and individuals by using emerging technologies, global networks and best practices to enable them be ready for the digital age.

To foster a workplace where, employees take pride and ownership in their contribution, which empowers them to do their best.

Core Values